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Insulated Concrete Forms 

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are a construction method for residential, commercial and multi-story buildings using expanded polystyrene (foam). The insulated concrete forms are stacked, steel-reinforced, and then filled with concrete. ICF offers better energy efficiency in our cold Alberta climate. The steel-reinforced concrete cores in ICF buildings make them safer and stronger. Moreover, ICF's have excellent sound insulation features, are more moisture resistant and there are less wasted materials, making ICF more environment-friendly than traditional framing methods.

Insulated Concrete Forms provide home builders and contractors with faster build speeds, rolling six separate construction steps into one simple process. Merging concrete, steel reinforcements, insulation, air barrier, vapour barrier and furring strips make your construction projects more cost-effective with quicker completion times. 

Please click the link below to go to LOGIX ICF and learn more about this superior way of construction!

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